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Air conditioned facilities! 

"Where Everyday Is Magical"


Our Mission


        Our Staff is comprised of strong leaders, caring, and skilled, quality professionals hand selected for their work ethic, professionalism, love of children, and camp culture. Our directors and management staff have backgrounds in education, guidance, child care as well as over 100 years combined in real world hands on experience in the care and education of children and adolescents of all ages, cultures, and temperaments.  ALL ARE WELCOME AT MAGIC DAY CAMP!

What We Do

             At Magic Day Camp the day starts with optional swimming at our private outdoor pool located in Queens. We understand that some children may fear the water, which is why at Magic Day Camp our Swim Program stresses safety, fun, and most importantly, supervision by certified staff. After swimming, children attend lunch which includes a balanced delicious meal with accommodations for all children. Followed by lunch, depending on the day, Magic Day Camp attends fantastic and fun trips. Every trip is age appropriate and will provide your child with the best possible summer experience. Some of our trips include; Adventure Land, Laser Bounce, Bowling, Mini-Golf, The Movies, Roller Skating, One World Trade Center, Trampoline Park, Museums, Parks, etc.  Throughout the day, children have the option to play in the park, receive tennis lessons or learn dances from our professional Broadway instructor. At Magic Day Camp every day is truly magical with fun and safety being our top priority. Summer at Magic Day Camp will expand your child's horizons and give them an experience they will never forget!    


   We are delighted to occupy the facility in which we call home base each summer. Our home base enables us the opportunity to meet the entertainment needs of our campers which are coordinated by our team of directors in an effort to meet each family’s expectations beyond comparison. Immaculately clean, safe and air conditioned, our in indoor and outdoor facilities allows all of our activities to take place when we are not on trips. The facility hosts a full auditorium for all of our theatre and showcase needs, as well as some of our open houses, and an official well lit indoor gym and outdoor playground. They are fully equipped with inspected sprinklers, jungle gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts, softball courts, and a picnic area for our outdoor lunches that the children look forward to and so do we. All of these areas are supervised by trained adult counselors. 



We have two on site Directors and we have several Assistant Directors. While our Directors oversee the entire camp operation, our Assistant Directors are tasked with the various activities that take place. Our staff includes an Aquatics Director, Dance & Martial Arts Demonstration Director, Athletics Director, Food Safety Specialist. We find this division of responsibility to be an advantageous to the enormous amount of entertaining and activities that take place each day. This also ensures that we can offer the individualized attention and quality that our Magic families have grown to expect. We staff an experienced Transportation Director to ensure the safety and reliability of all our transportation from pick up to drop off as well as the coordination of transport throughout the day when we go on trips.

Magic Day Camp Directors, Assistant Directors and Head Counselors are experienced and/or, New York State Certified teachers that are trained in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and Responding to Emergency (RTE) methods.


We believe our busing service is one of the most important components of your child’s camping experience. Our bus company is a direct reflection of Magic Day Camp and we feel it deserves the utmost attention. Our bus drivers are the first people you and your child will see each morning. Our drivers are known for their friendly and appropriate manner, relentless safety measures, and respectful appearance while providing courteous and established pickups and drop offs times for your child.  Our bus drivers will never ever leave a child unattended at any time. We are grateful to have them work with us and provide us with their conscientious work ethic. All of our bus drivers have children of their own and understand the important role they play in this part of a child’s day. They often play the latest pop tunes for the children to sing along while riding to our first stop which is the pool.


Some parents as well as children are frightened by aquatics and we do our best to address and gradually ease these fears through encouragement and constant supervision. The swimming portion of our program is the first thing we do each day. We have found that the anticipation and concentration of a child in terms of swimming is much sharper in the morning than in the afternoon. Every child, regardless of swimming capability, is tested by a qualified and experienced Aquatic Director who is certified in CPR as well as Lifeguard Supervision and Management before he or she enters the water. In addition to our Aquatic Director, several lifeguards ensure the safety of pool activities in and around the pool and every counselor is on duty, in the pool, and throughout the facility with the children. Once your child has passed the swim test we intently follow “the buddy system” which means that each child is assigned a “buddy” that will be in the water and pool area with them at all times. No one is permitted in the water without their buddy. In addition to the lifeguards and trained aquatics staff, counselors and Head Counselors are in the water as well. Our instructors and staff are delicate in their approach with uneasy swimmers and conscientious while guiding advanced swimmers. Swimming skills are enhanced with practice and children develop their skills at different levels. While we cannot guarantee that all children will be professional swimmers by the end of their summer camp stay, we definitely can ensure that we will do everything we can to get closer to this enormous and exciting goal.   


Meet Our Staff

Magic Day Camp Directors, Assistant Directors and Head Counselors are experienced and/or, New York State Certified teachers that are trained in Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and Responding to Emergency (RTE) methods.

Magic Day Camp maintains a high ratio of counselors to campers. 


Jerry Laine

Director & CEO

BS, Lehman College

MBA Southern New Hampshire University

As many of you know, Jerry is a director at the camp this summer, so your kids already know and love him. He's a dad with two sons, L.J. who's 9, and Jalen who's 6. He also has a bonus daughter, Kayla, who's 25. He's been married to his wife, Tarin for 10 years. Jerry has a B.S. from Lehman College and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Before coming to Magic Day Camp, Jerry worked in banking, where he helped growing businesses succeed, including camps like ours. Jerry was born in Haiti and moved to New York City as a teenager. Now, he and his family live on Long Island where he coaches elementary school-aged basketball in Farmingdale's P.A.L. He's a wonderful addition to the camp and we are excited that he has agreed to join us.


Joseph O'Sullivan 

Camp Director

BA, St. Francis College 

MS Education, St. Johns University

Joseph O'Sullivan has over 50 years of experience in both camping and education. As a retired NYC DOE educator, Joe is familiar with students from all backgrounds. As a dedicated part of the Magic Day Camp team, Joe has never missed one single day of work in the past 12 summers. Joe fosters an environment of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and friendship for campers of all ages. 


Vanessa Negron  


AA Childhood Education, CUNY, Laguardia Community College

BA English Language Arts, CUNY, HUNTER College 

Vanessa has over 15 years of experience in childcare and influential development. At Magic Day Camp she holds a number of important positions overseeing the safety and wellbeing of each camper. She is known for her ability to get to know each camper by name, ensuring a safe and personal environment for all children. 


Our counselors are monitored, trained and selected. Counselors will help your child and ensure that they are safe and happy at all times. YOUR CHILD WILL NEVER BE ALONE, A COUNSELOR WILL ALWAYS BE PRESENT. 


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